Camping Rino in Kalishta at Lake Ohrid

After our trip passing Croatia during the last year in November we approached at the campsite Rino for the first time. Of course the weather was no longer warm enough for calling it “summer” because the temperatures only amounted between 10 ° and 18 ° degrees.

But then it has been such a warm welcome and such a hospitality we never experienced before. In short, we stayed longer than originally planned, learned about the environment and the family and were convinced that with the campsite Rino, we had found a great location, especially in regards to our project. So after a short time, in addition to equipment standards of the square also promotion and information activities were discussed , ​​plans for the coming year were made, etc.

During the following winter months, our contacts steadily deepened and so we were curious to what changes we would encounter on our next visit . Of course, again there was a really warm welcome and as already reported, there was also an invitation for dinner. Shortly afterwards, the first and most striking progress in the establishment of two more toilets , setting up a Terrace with view to Lake Ohrid and the expansion of the place in its overall size were significantly noticeably. Also a second Internet access had been opened. Of course, our renewed residence should contain, in addition to inventory and other issues that should be discussed continuously contribute to the further development in the coming years .

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