Camping Rino and Sights by

CamperRoute on YouTube

“We have been to Lake Ohrid and Rino offered short boat trip on the lake. That was fun!”

Galičica is a mountain situated across the border between the Republic of Macedonia and Albania. There is a National park on the Macedonian side of the mountain, situated between the two biggest lakes in the republic.”

“We are staying on the campsite in Kalishta Village at Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. Several times we have done canoe trip on the lake which is beautiful and very important for the nature.”

“The city of Ohrid and Lake Ohrid. They both are magnificent and exciting.. Mysterious and surprising..”

“Ohrid was enriched with another cultural and historical landmark as well as with a tourist attraction – Museum on Water”

“Monastery “St. Naum” – We have been to Struga city near Ohrid in Macedonia. We love to explore the area around Lake Ohrid.”

“Vevčani is a small town in Republic of Macedonia. It is the only settlement and seat of Vevčani Municipality.”


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